for Node.js community is a FUSE filesystem, easy to mount on any *nix machine, that provides a stable and reliable filesystem structure, to distribute software artifacts.

In practice, creates a new directory in the root filesystem of any Linux machine, /cvmfs/

This allows to have functional installation of a variety of software in the most different setups. It doesn’t matter if the underlining operative system is Ubuntu or Debian or CentOS or Fedora or ArchLinux or something else.

The software in does not depend on anything outside which means that it will always work.

Moreover, the filesystem is stable, you will always find the same binaries under the same PATHs. This is such a time saver if you are building CI or if you quickly need a new node up and running.

Today we are announcing our support to the Node.js community and to the wider Javascript community.

NVM to manages Node.js runtimes.

We decided to install nvm and all the LTS releases of Node in /cvmfs/ .

This will simplify a lot the job for novice developers just getting started, and the job of more experiences developers managing complex installations or complex CI environments.

Providing other JS tools, npm, npx, yarn, babel, parcel and webpack

Beside the standard Node runtimes, we also provide other tools used by the JS community.

In particular, we provide:

  • npm
  • npx
  • yarn
  • babel
  • parcel
  • webpack

Screencast and exploring the filesystem

The screencast below show how to use it is a little long, but we go through all the Javascript related software in the repository.

Getting start with

We provide installation instructions on github. It is possible to in the local machine, or you can try it using docker.

In the repository there is a simple files that explains how to get the most out of it.

Adding software in

Being distributed to several developers and CI around the world, the software in is carefully vetted and build from source in several cases.

If you would like to add software in please let us know opening a github issues and we will provide.


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