Code Boosting

CodeBoosting (CB) focus on researchers, scientists, PhD candidates and it aims to teach them best practices, tricks and the way of thinking useful to write better computer code.

We aim to teach you to code in a way that will allow you to:

  1. share your code with confidence with your colleagues,
  2. modify it even after months, or even years, that you have work with it,
  3. be reasonably sure that the results you are getting are correct.

We will publish general guide lines that can be applied to all programming languages, so that what you learn in Python can be used as well in C++ or in R.


The following is the list of articles:

Moreover, for the most popular articles, we will also provide code examples so that you can practice what you learn.

Finally we offer consult service and training for institutions or team that are interested in this kind of work.

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